Fantasy Vapez

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Fantasy Vapez 

Blackjack - is the taste of the classic tuck shop sweet just this time in vape form with a strong aniseed flavour and a little extra sweetness, Could this of been the most popular sweet around?

Ice Mint - Cool, clean and crisp, Fantasy Vapez Ice Mint is the perfect flavour for anyone who likes to keep things fresh. It's a light all-day vape and perfect for those hot summer days when you need to feel cool, calm and collected.

Blue Slush - A ripe blue raspberry candy slush, Sweet, just like the real thing. This is a Fantasy Vapez favourite, give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Heizen B - An absolute favourite, this flavour is a blend of delectable fruits with an aniseed and koolada sensation.

Pinkmen - Featuring the ripe fruit flavours that have become an iconic blend. Pinkmen is a unique tasting e-liquid with a delicious blend of fruit flavours. 

Tobacco - A rich and crisp tobacco flavour, Smooth Tobacco offers a slightly lighter tobacco flavour bold enough to satisfy tobacco fans palates. With a 70:30 ratio it gives a mild to moderate throat hit making it a great choice for transitioning smokers.

Hubba Bubbs - The' E-liquid Sweet Atomic of Hubba Bubba is a bubble gum sweet atomic scent of wild strawberry.

Fruit Salad - Could this be the closest thing to the tuck shop fruit salad! Perfect blend on both the inhale and exhale... 

Cherry Menthol - A sweet blend of Cherry and Fruit with a menthol throat hit, just like a cough sweet.

Fruit Pastilles - Who didn't sit in the garden enjoying a fruit pastilles lolly? With a sweet flavour profile that will take your taste buds to the moon and back. You wont be disappointed 

Fresh Spearmint - Based on the old classic chewy spearmint, giving you the sweet and fresh vape for a bright summers day!

Solero Ice Lolly - The Solero Ice Cream flavour Vape Concentrate by Fantasy Vapez is a lovely Fruit and Vanilla Ice Cream juice that is perfect for vaping on a hot summers day. Very cold and very tasty!

Sugar Donut - We like ours deep fried and with a little sugar on the side. It's official … The deep fried doughnut craze has taken over. Rise and grind, sunshine! Now you can enjoy the sugary sweetness of our favourite brunch time delight anywhere, anytime.

Screwball Ice Cream - Raspberry Screwball by Ice Cream Nation is a dessert flavour that takes inspiration from a classic UK treat. Taking a vanilla ice cream with swirls of sweet raspberry throughout have been placed in a cone, ready for you to eat. At the bottom is a Bubble gum surprise and it features as an undertone throughout this flavour profile.

Skegness Rock - Skegness Rock e-liquid is a flavourful juice based on the seaside sticks of flavoured rock, that many tourists buy as souvenirs. This e-liquid is light and mildly floral, mixed with a sweetened menthol peppermint aroma which is refreshing and palate cleansing. Experience the sweet candy taste right from the first inhale, through to the menthol after kick.

Candy Floss - We're bringing childhood memories back with our Candyfloss Eliquid. A mind-blowingly sweet taste with a fruity accent, this one's for the sweet tooth's.

Custard Donut - A Delicious Doughnut filled with a perfectly sweet custard for all the pudding lovers!

Bublegum Ice Blast - Our Bubble gum Ice Blast will will give you all the amazing Bubble gum flavours in the drink instead now available in a Shortfills - Will this cool you down this summer!

Cherry Ice Blast - Our Cherry Ice Blast will will give you all the amazing Cherry flavours in the drink instead now available in a Shortfills - Will this cool you down this summer!

60ml Shortfill:- 50ml of pre-made e-liquid


  • 70/30 VG/PG ratio
  • 1 x 10ml Nic Shot at 18mg gives 3mg nic strength.
  • Shake well and vape