Holy Cow 10ml Salts

Holy Cow 10ml Salts

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Holy Cow 10ml Salts

Holy Cow Nic Salt E-Liquids You had better get a moooo've on with these, delightful milkshake liquids that are udderly incredible. They will go fast!

The Holy Cow Strawberry Milkshake 10ml Nicotine Salt is an instant classic - sweet and sticky strawberries blended with a creamy malty milkshake. Perfect!

The Holy Cow Salted Caramel Milkshake 10ml Nicotine Salt provides instant sweetness with a hint of saltiness for that perfect summer's vape. Delicious!

The Holy Cow Pistachio Almond Milkshake 10ml Nicotine Salt is a must for all nutters out there! Earthy pistachio blended with sweet almonds. Perfect!

The Holy Cow Peanut Butter Milkshake 10ml Nic Salt has the perfect blend of malty milkshake and satisfyingly smooth peanut butter blended within.

The Holy Cow Melon Milkshake 10ml E-Liquid Nic Salt provides something a little different, and trust us it works! Sweet sticky melon and creamy milkshake.

The Holy Cow Banana Milkshake 10ml E-Liquid Nic Salt provides exactly what you'd expect - smooth creamy banana and malty milkshake - best served chilled!

We also stock the Holy Cow Shortfill E-Liquids

This Product Does Contain A Hint Of Menthol Flavour

10ml bottles
50% VG
10mg or 20mg Nic Salts