Unreal Raspberry

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Unreal Raspberry

Unreal Raspberry is a UK based vape juice brand that creates e-liquid flavours that revolve around the full and fruity flavour of blue raspberries. With mouth-watering flavour combinations like their signature blue raspberry coupled with pineapple, tart cherries, blueberries and others, you're bound to find your new vape juice flavour.



Black eLiquid from Unreal Raspberry is a carefully blended concoction of tart Blackcurrants along with Unreal’s Blue Raspberry basis.


Blue eLiquid from Unreal Raspberry is a straight up, no-nonsense Blue Raspberry; the bluest of the blue - a sweet and fragrant blend of Blueberries and Raspberries. 


Purple from Unreal Raspberry is a smashing combination of fragrant Grape on top of a sweet Blue Raspberry basis, like the rest of the flavours in the Unreal Raspberry range


Red eLiquid by Unreal Raspberry is a carefully concocted blend of tart Cherries along with the Unreal Blue Raspberry basis.


Yellow eLiquid from Unreal Raspberry contains a tropical fruit combination of tart Pineapple along with the base flavour of this range from Unreal - a thoroughly Blue Raspberry.