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Wild Roots 100ml

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Wild Roots 100ml Shortfill

Wild Cherry, Fino Lemon and Frozen Blueberries -  is a fruity vape with a cool exhale. Juicy cherries and tangy lemon set the scene for the icy blast of fresh frozen blueberries.

Pressed Pear, Pink Lady and Elderflower - is a delicately floral vape. Sweet pears and summer apples are blended in perfect harmony with undertones of elderflower.

Gold Dust Peach and Goji Berry - is a fruity fusion. Sweet peaches and wonderful Goji Berry are blended into a mouth-watering vape that is full of flavour.

Royal Apricot, Forest Blackcurrant and Acai - is a deeply rich vape. Dark blackcurrants and a handful of acai are mixed with sweet apricots to create a sumptuously fruity e-liquid.

Pomegranate, Queen Pineapple and Cucumber - is a freshly exotic vape. Featuring tropical pomegranate with slightly sharp pineapple and cooling cucumber.