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Big Bold 100ml Shortfill


Banana Milk – Have you ever wondered what it’s like to vape a thick Banana milkshake? Big Bold Banana Milk will take you back to your childhood when you open up the bottle firstly the aroma takes over the only difference between our banana milk vape juice and the drink, is your vape won’t leave you with a milk moustache.

Blackcurrant E Liquid by Big Bold. The hardest of all berry vape flavours to find an intense and heavy flavour is Blackcurrant. The ultimate fruity berry vape. Get a truly exotic berry taste with this blend.

Blueberry Treats – Wow this one needs no introduction sweet ripe blueberry’s whipped into a thick custard. Let the blueberry’s bounce around on your tongue while the creaminess makes this one of the smoothest full-bodied flavours available. Definitely, one for you to try!

Candy Floss – A funfair classic, sweet and fluffy sugar spun. Take a trip down memory lane with this sweet and fluffy liquid form candy floss

Cinnamon Roll – Fresh out the bakery buns loaded with sweet icing with cinnamon coming though. There aren’t enough fantastic cinnamon vape juices available and now there’s no need for anyone else to try because we are confident we have the best right here!

Honey Melon – E Liquid by Big Bold, Mouth watering and tangy flavours, delicately mixed with watermelon, honey and cantaloupe melons. Its sweet and thick taste of melon is like no other you have tried before.

Lemon Lime – E Liquid by Big Bold. A refreshing and tasty citrus vape flavour. Made with a lime base and a hint of sour, with sweet lemony flavours.

Lychee E Liquid by Big Bold. Sweet, creamy and light fruit flavour with a pleasant aroma. This delicate vape flavour won’t overwhelm your taste buds and can be enjoyed all day.

Mango Passion – E Liquid by Big Bold. Is a sweet juicy mango blended with passionfruit making this a delicious tropical bottle of perfection.

Mint Candy E Liquid Big Bold. Is a sweet, creamy & minty thats the best way to describe this delicious juice. Delicate sweet vape you can enjoy all day with an after taste of a refreshing mixed mint.

Pear Guava – E Liquid by Big Bold, Its a sweet and crisp taste with the perfect blend of pear and guava.  The Juiciness of this flavour will keep you coming back for more.

Red Energy - Reminiscent of the well known energy drink this e-liquid will give you a fruity kick and an aroma to satisfy your senses, this is the flavour boost you’ll love.

Strawberry & Banana – Who remembers the Foam Bananas and Strawberry Shrimp sweets? well this is those bottled! Smooth Banana on the inhale with a sweet Strawberry on the exhale.

Strawberry Jam with Clotted Cream – Yep you read that right! The finest sweet strawberry jam with lashings of thick Devon clotted cream! A high-quality premium juice that you don’t want to miss out on!

Sweet Pineapple – A delicious sweet candy pineapple, let this juice quench your thirst and let the tropical flavours burst absolutely divine 

Vanilla Custard – Thick homemade vanilla custard. If you like custard flavours definitely give this a try you won’t be disappointed!