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Wotofo NexMesh Strips

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Wotofo Nexmesh Strips

Introducing the new nexMesh strips by Wotofo which are designed for the Profile V1.5 RDA and come in three different resistances,

Performance: Robust and strong, a vigorously warmer flavor experience, heavy vapor production

The nexMESH Turbo 0.14ohm is the high-density perforated mesh strip similar to nexMESH Chill. It offers a faster ramp-up time and provides a large contact surface to the e-liquid. The result? More vapor with more possibilities to taste more notes in e-liquids within lesser time.

PerformanceBold and clear, a more heightened flavor experience, thick vapor production

The nexMESH Chill 0.15ohm is the strip of vape metal with properly punched holes in it to form a mesh-like structure. It offers even heat distribution and fast heating speed. With precise control on meshing, nexMESH Chill is able to break down the flavor profile in the e-liquid and allow a more definite taste sensation


Performance: Smooth and mellow, a more laid-back flavor experience, great vapor production.