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Six Licks 100ml

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Six Licks 100ml Shortfill

Bite the Bullet - Accept the inevitable. There’s no liquid that comes close to this secretly guarded recipe that can only be described as black fruits that have seen the dark side. 

Bluemonia - is an infectious fusion of raspberries and ripe blueberries frozen and blended into a deadly all day vape… many have searched, however.. none have found the cure for Bluemonia! 

Liquid Gold - is something considered to be precious, beautiful, or of the most superior quality’ Just like this perfect combination of juicy blackberries, pink raspberries and a tingle of apple to finish off this precious liquid.

Melon on my mind - Some say this combination of melons is that good its sent people crazy, all we know is that we can’t stop thinking about how perfect it is! 

Truth or Pear -  A sweet combination of strawberry, pear and sharp lime, guaranteed to have you licking your lips!

Love Bite -  once bitten, twice shy… or so they say. This blood orange and grapefruit medley will always keep you curious.

Passion8 - Six Licks Limited Edition. We’ve brought together lip-smacking pear and exotic passionfruit for our fruitiest flavour yet: Passion8. It’s rumoured this one’s so juicy all our taste-testers lost their minds. There’s only one way to find out…


Elderpower - Six Licks Limited Edition. ElderPower is a combination of sweet elderflower, fresh oranges and zesty lime zaps your tongue to create a sensational flavour hit.

There is room within this 100ml bottle to add 2 x 18mg nicotine shot, doing so will give you 120ml 3mg nicotine strength.